FTA is an organization for all students interested in the education profession. Teachers are th key to building effective schools. They shape the minds and touch the hearts of many children.
Maplewood FTA provides junior and senior students with a worthwhile professional experience related to the opportunities in teaching. Students shadow a teacher in the middle or elementary school for one entire day per month. FTA members work very close and under the direction of their mentor teacher learning the challenges and fulfilling rewards of this profession. Members learn the latest techniques and get a "hands on" experience with the connection between learning and the "real" world. They see the student who achieves and masters what they have been working on and learn how to encourage those students having difficulty learning a specific task. Members also learn that there are different developmental stages, different learning styles, and different social backgrounds within a class or grade level. With these different stages, members learn to provide positive and meaningful experiences and inspire and motivate the youth and future leaders to reach their goals and dreams.
Future Teachers dream of helping students developing their gifts so that every one of them reaches his or her full potential of achievement.
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