French Club
French Club is a fun opportunity open to any current French student attending Maplewood High School. The goal of French Club is to encourage enthusiasm, curiosity, and interest in French language and culture. French Club activities are designed yearly by the officers with approval from the advisor. Past activities have included French film screenings, French game parties, and putting on a French Culture Night for the general public. We also order club t-shirts every year that are designed by club members.
French Club and Spanish Club often combine for larger events. Our annual culturally-themed parties include La Toussaint/Día de los Muertos at the end of October/early November, Noël/Navidad before winter break, Mardi Gras/Carnaval in late February or early March, and Cinco de Mayo. These combined parties are usually held in the cafeteria, to accommodate the amount of food and beverages and larger number of students. We also combine for field trips, and our past field trip destinations have included the Ice Zone in Boardman, the Cleveland Zoo, and Extreme Air in Niles. 
French Club does fundraisers throughout the year and members are expected to participate. Past fundraisers have included candy or lollipop sales, crêpe sales during French Night, a dress up day (striped shirts and mustaches) at the high school, sponsoring an elementary school dance, and fall and spring Yankee Candles sales.
Dues are $5 per year. 
Duties of ALL Officers:
1)To positively represent French Club by making responsible and democratic decisions regarding club activities
2) To help plan, organize, and be present at ALL club meetings and at least 80% of club events
3) To be willing to work with ALL club members in a friendly and positive manner
4) To meet on a regular basis with the adviser
Specific Responsibilities:
President: Prepare for and preside over meetings, to delegate responsibilities as necessary, to follow through with all planning and events, to show good leadership qualities
Vice President: To assist the other officers in planning and preparations, to assume the duties of the President as needed
Secretary: To create, post, and distribute correspondance relating to club activities, including memos, invitations, publicity/advertising for club events, and thank you notes
Treasurer: To assist the adviser in financial planning, to help count club monies, to help complete financial paperwork including requisitions, pay-ins, pay-outs, and profit and loss forms; to aid in the collection of club money
Historian(s): To take photographs at all club events, to communicate with yearbook staff, and to help the adviser in keeping the website up-to-date on past and upcoming activities
Congratulations to this year's French Club Officers!! 
      President - Jillian Wolfe (Julianne Dubois) - grade 12
      Vice President - Zoe Johnson (Simone Perriere) - grade 12
      Treasurer - Peyton Weaver (Thibaut Mathieu) - grade 11
      Secretary - Jersee Hogue (Aimée Passepartout) - grade 11
      Historians - Catherine Centea (Catherine Le Roux) - grade 12 & Oscar Garrett (Malick Dumas) - grade 11
Upcoming Events
YANKEE CANDLE SALE: If you weren't able to order via catalog, you still have time to order! Shop online at to order yours today. When ordering online, simply scroll down to the "Start Shopping" section and enter group number 990063296 to ensure that 40% of your purchase will go directly to the Maplewood French Club!
September, 2017 - Our first French Club Meeting of the year was held Thursday, September 7th in the French Room (Room 161) at the beginning of 5th Period (11:07). Students signed up for French Club and received information about what French Club is, club dues, becoming a club officer, t-shirts, and upcoming events, including our September 23rd field trip to the Cleveland Zoo. Students also received permission slip forms. At our second meeting (Thurs. Sept. 21), our officers were announced, members voted on t-shirt designs, and we discussed the specifics of our zoo field trip. The winning design was posted along with a sign-up sheet on Friday, September 22. On Saturday, Sept. 23, we went on a field trip to the Cleveland Zoo. We weathered the heat to see some amazing animals! 
October, 2017 - There was a French Club meeting held on October 26th at the beginning of 5th period in the French room to discuss the Yankee Candle fundraiser and other upcoming events. The fall Yankee Candle sale began.
November, 2017 - There was a short meeting on Friday, October 3rd for members to sign up for the La Toussaint/Dia de los Muertos party and to sign up to help with concessions at the powder puff basketball game. It was also a time to check in to see how the Yankee Candle sale was going.  After school on Tuesday, November 7th, we had our first party of the year. We played games, made Dia de los Muertos crafts, and had Mexican food. At the charity powder puff basketball game held on November 10th, French Club volunteers helped to sell concessions (hot dogs, popcorn, pop, & candy).  
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