We believe that:
   ALL students can achieve and be successful
   ALL students have dignity and worth
   ALL students should have access to opportunities and support
   Each student is an individual and should be treated as such

Our Mission is to offer a quality, research-based, and developmentally-appropriate counseling program for all students in order to provide them with skills for success in academic, career, and personal/social domains.

Our Goals are:
  • To  help all students develop the abilities necessary to make carefully considered decisions in personal, social, career and educational matters
  • To help students, parents, teachers, and administrators deal with problems within the classroom and the wider school environment
  • To support parents in developing the understanding and skills necessary to help their children with personal/social, educational, and career decisions
  • To support faculty and administrators in using a proactive, wellness-oriented approach that will promote a safe educational environment for all students
Professional Foundations
This program is guided by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA), American Counseling Association (ACA), the Ohio School Counselor Association (OSCA), the Ohio Counselor Association (OCA), and Search Institute
Theoretical Foundations
This program utilizes an eclectic approach based upon developmental and counseling theories.


Direct Services (Time spent face-to-face with students)
  • Guidance Curriculum: Classroom guidance lessons instruct our students on lessons that involve academic, career, and social/emotional topics.
  • Responsive Services: Individual counseling, small group counseling, and crisis counseling.
  • Individual Planning: This includes helping students to establish goals and work toward the future.
Indirect Services (Counselors' interactions on behalf of students)
  • System Support: Administrative duties that establish, maintain, and enhance a successful school counseling program
    • Referrals: Directing students and families to school or community resources
    • Consultation: Sharing strategies to support student achievement
    • Collaboration: Partnering with families, staff, and community organizations; serving on school or district committees; organizing informational workshops for families


Tools and Assessments

Use of Data:Data is used to promote systematic change within the school
Calendars:Used to keep others informed and to encourage participation in the program
Annual Agreements:Developed in collaboration with administrators to organize program goals
Action Plans: To help previously underserved groups of students and measure the impact of activities
Use of Time Assessment: Ensures that counselors spend approximately 80 percent of their time on direct services

Supervision of School Counselors

Administrative: to work effectively within the school; comply with laws and regulations
Developmental: to enhance the program and encourage professional development
Clinical: to improve counseling skills and ensure ethical behavior and self-awareness


Program Evaluation:ASCA School Counseling Program Assessment annually; Ohio School Counselor Evaluation System; Teacher Evaluation monthly

Counselor Evaluation:ASCA School Counselor Performance Appraisal annually and at the time of administrative supervision

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