President - Vice President - Treasurer - Secretary   
Student Council Activities:
  • Concessions @ 7/8 home games   Everything $1.00 
  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Daffin's Candy Fundraiser 
  • Fall Food Drive / Toy Donations
  • Animal Shelter Drive 
  • Walk-A-Thon 
  • Field Day Supplies 
  • School Supplies
  • We have a regular pencil vending machine located in the office. The pencils cost $0.25 each.
  • Recycling
  • We have two blue paper recycling bins located by the elevator and the paper recycling bins for all the rooms in the school. We encourage students and staff to recycle. 
  • Tall plastic bottles for recycling of plastic bottles and cans are located by the cafeteria and gymnasium. 
Every Monday is Maplewood Monday - wear your blue & white to show your "Rocket Pride"
Current Winter Events
  • Concessions for 7/8 GBB and 7/8 BBB Home Games - to stay after...parent permission
  • Daffin's Magazine Sales Fundraiser -Thanks for your support. 
  • "Thank you" for the donations to Socktober and Toy Donations!! 
New purchases:  
  • Poly-lumber Buddy Bench for recess
  • Poppies for Veteran's Day 
  • Chromebooks for lab 
  • Poles for flags @ Veteran's Day
  • Orange Cones for recess 
  • Supplies for 5th grade Sip n Paint 
  • Doughnuts for Daffin's 
Past Purchases:
  • Reading Incentive Area (3rd floor) Sectional and rug
  • Window expansion rods for office/2nd floor/3rd floor
  • New blue recycling bins for each classroom 
  • Two large recycling containers 
  • Playground equipment bin supplies (Elementary funds)
  • Music room rug (Elementary funds)
  • Cotton Candy Machine 
  • Veteran Day Flags
  • 6 poly-lumber benches (on concrete pads by the playground)
  • podium for school events (stage/cafetorium)
  • Sno-Cone machine 
  • 2 "Maplewood" rugs
  • Hallway clocks
  • Blinds for cafetorium
  • Projector and screen in cafetorium
  • Eight 4' white tables 
  • Mini refrigerators for labs
  • Headphones for computers 
  • Adapters for headphones
  • Popcorn and drink for YSU event
  • Supplies for 5th grade "Paint & Sip"
  • Snowcone Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • 40 Basketball Chairs
  • Microwave for cafeteria 
4174 Greenville Road      Cortland, Ohio 44410      PH 330-924-2431      Fax 330-924-5151
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