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The mission of the 2018 MHS Yearbook Staff is to effectively work together toward a common goal of creating the best possible yearbook for the MHS staff and student population. 
***Click here to read about uploading your own pictures to the yearbook!*** 


The 2018 Yearbook Order form, below, illustrates icons and iTags that are available for the 2018 yearbook.
Please note, icons cannot be purchased without also purchasing a namestamp or an iTag. Icons are available as an option.
Also note, namestamps are actually engraved onto the front book cover.
iTags are similar to namestamps, in that names and icons are engraved on them. But, iTags are gold or silver colored two-inch long by quarter-inch wide (approximate size) plates that have an adhesive backing that adheres to the front cover.
Icons are symbols, such as a baseball, year, graduation cap, etc. that can be engraved with a namestamp on the front cover or onto an iTag.
Prices for these options are on the form. Or, you can order your yearbook and options by clicking the banner at the top of this page. 
 Itag icon List -- these can be engraved on iTags
Namestamp icon List -- these can be engraved along with a namestamp on the actual book
Yearbook Order Form -- not yet available
Mrs. Karen Trukovich, Yearbook Adviser
2018 Yearbook Staff Members: Not yet available


Please refer to the above link for information regarding graduation picture requirements. 
Other important senior class information can be accessed by clicking, here, which will connect you to the Senior Class section of this website. Mrs. Heather Starcher is your senior class advisor.
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