What Does A School Counselor Do?

What is a school counselor?
Professional school counselors are licensed educators with a minimum of a master's degree in school counseling. They are uniquely qualified to address all students' academic, career and social/emotional needs in a developmentally appropriate manner.
What does a school counselor do?
 School counselors' duties include creating & maintaining a counseling program which includes:
Direct Services
  • Guidance Curriculum: Classroom guidance lessons instruct our students on lessons that involve academic, career, and social/emotional topics.
  • Responsive Services: Individual counseling, small group counseling, and crisis counseling.
  • Individual Planning: This includes helping students to establish goals and work toward the future.
Indirect Services
  • System Support: Administrative duties that establish, maintain, and enhance a successful school counseling program
    • Referrals: Directing students and families to school or community resources
    • Consultation: Sharing strategies to support student achievement
    • Collaboration: Partnering with families, staff, and community organizations; serving on school or district committees;  organizing informational workshops for families
School counselors' duties are focused on the overall delivery of the program through direct services. A small amount of their time is devoted to indirect services (system support). For more information regarding school counselors, check out the American School Counseling Association's explanation!
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