It is our privilege and pleasure to provide students with the safest transportation possible as they travel between home and school and on school-related trips. In order to protect all students riding Maplewood school buses, safety precautions are a must. Your help is needed because safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Bus Drivers

Driver                     Bus#
Mr. Dorhn              Bus#14
Ms. Horton             Bus #15 
Ms. Kochemba       Bus #18
Ms. Lewis               Bus #8
Ms. Oswald            Bus #11
Ms. Owens             Bus #7
Ms. Read                Bus #19
Mr. Stephens          Bus #1 

Transportation Office

Michele McCartney
2414 Greenville Rd NE
Cortland OH 44410
Phone: 330-637-7506
Fax: 330-637-6616
2414 Greenville Road      Cortland, Ohio 44410      PH 330-637-7506      Fax 330-637-6616
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